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What to cook from Chum more

Turban muslin
469 5 60м 10
Of fish. Superbrata. The whole history of cooking for this dish ; -)
Fish roulade with olives
269 - - -
On New Year we try to cook more variety of dishes - hot snacks, salads, meat, vegetables, fish. That's just about fish appetizer and will be discussed in this recipe. This roll made from boiled trout and smoked salmon, and not fundamentally for him to take these two fish species. Suitable salmon, pike-perch, mackerel... the Cut will be even more interesting if the fish will be different - red and white, for example.
Salmon with vegetables, apples and sauce Narsharab
152 5 - -
Salmon with vegetables - it is delicious, and Narsharab gives it a light and pleasant acidity.
Pate of salmon
151 - 30м 20
Ideal not only for Breakfast but also for a festive buffet table. Besides, it is prepared extremely fast and simple.
Baked fish breaded in green
149 4 25м 4
It turned out quick and tasty.
Pancakes with smoked keta
148 - - -
I love pancakes with salted red fish. This time I bought a backless smoked salmon, very tender, salted. Smoked flavor made its own unique touch. The recipe is quite simple, come in, I'd be happy!

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