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Czech Christmas fish soup
0.6k - 30м 6
On the nose Christmas, and it is time for traditional recipes. In the Czech Republic is one of those recipes is fish soup. I am sure that you will be pleasantly surprised by the ease of preparation and interesting taste. I used Carp, because in the Czech Republic is the traditional Christmas fish.
Soup "Shirako"
326 - - -
If you decide to find in the Internet the worst soup in the world, among other search engine will give you Japanese soup, Shirako (literally "white children"). Why very healthy soup called terrible? Just because it is prepared from fish ROE. And the drafters of the "horrific" ratings write a soup made of fish semen is a nightmare! You think so too? Then this recipe is not for you. I have a very positive attitude to Molokan and no fear of Shirako have not experienced. I shoveled a lot of the Internet, but the recipe for this soup was never found. By collecting the crumbs of information about this soup, I finally made it. Now, scullion is the first Russian culinary site that hosts the recipe of Japanese soup "Shirako". Are you ready to see one of the most horrible soups?
The guard-milt
313 4.5 20м 6
This is a continuation story with two carp 10 kg, and two basins - one with eggs and one with cream. Most interesting is that the son does not like milk, and then he has no clue and knead for both cheeks.
Salad "Wave"
246 3 - -
Well, I decided to participate in the contest "Scarlett March 8"! Although I am not lucky.... but optimist, if you're lucky!)))
Fried milt
206 - 30м 5
Very delicious and no bones)))
Pate caviar and milt of herring
191 5 10м 4
Always made from eggs and milk such pashtetik. Sooo primitive recipe, but it can be useful to someone!

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