What to cook from Kohlrabi more

Korean salad "Funcheza"
273 3 60м 8
Spicy salad with meat.
Cream soup of kohlrabi
255 4 80м 8
Delicious, light and healthy soup.
Cabbage soup with rice
255 - - -
This healthy soup can be made more diet, just simply removing him from the rice. Its taste it reminds me of many famous Bonn soup, very popular in its time.
Gratin with kohlrabi
252 - 60м 4
Juicy, tender kohlrabi goes well with squash – mushroom filling, taste increase the meatballs, and cherry tomatoes are not only an ornament, it complements its unique form and flavor.
227 4 - -
Saw a market unfamiliar vegetable, asked what it was. Oh, I colorful and appetizing painted the dignity of this vegetable, but with such a beautiful name - kohlrabi that I could not resist and bought it. And easier to say - this is a small cabbage cabbage.
Vegetable soup with beef broth "Favorite"
213 - 60м 8
Dear cooks, I offer you the recipe of the most beloved in our family soup. Suitable for everyday menu, but also to offer it is not a sin. At the same time will share the way I cook the broth, maybe you will like it.

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