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What to cook from Coho more

Ramekin of coho with five cereals Mistral
183 - 45м 3
This mouth-watering dish of coho salmon delicately flakes five cereals and squid
Coho for a couple
154 - 30м 4
Sometimes time on cooking dinner is not enough, and to cook something tasty for their loved ones want. In such cases, you can cook the fish for a couple - and quick and tasty, and useful!
Pate of salmon
151 - 30м 20
Ideal not only for Breakfast but also for a festive buffet table. Besides, it is prepared extremely fast and simple.
Coho salmon with vegetables in an omelet
150 3 40м 8
Fish is always tasty and healthy. And when she quickly prepared... and even with a side dish...
Hot roll with fish silver salmon, cucumber and salmon caviar
142 - - -
Did you know that rolls and you can still fry? It turns out very tasty and original. The fried rolls are suitable to all fans of sushi. Hot roll with coho salmon, cucumber and caviar, fragrant, tasty and beautiful. Try to cook this dish and you are sure to be pleased with the result.
Jellied coho
139 - - -
Coho salmon meat has a rich composition: a lot of vitamins, protein, healthy fats and minerals. And this is with a low calorie – 140 kcal per 100 grams))) Suitable for a diet.

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