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What to cook from Sprat more

Salad "man's whim"
369 - 15м 4
Very tasty and hearty salad with sardines! Men will be delighted. Offer to cook it on February 23-a hearty salad with a glass of good brandy appreciate!
And again sprats. The search for the ideal
281 4 180м -
And what they describe... Unless someone has not seen sprats? However, these homemade...
Fish "Dream"
252 4 - -
Sprat spicy salted
216 - - -
Delicious, flavorful fish. No wonder pilchards are called "silver of the Baltic sea". On a Sunny day market stalls with fresh anchovies, Shine, shiny silver, pass by and buy fresh sardines simply impossible. So salting pilchards was taught to me by my dad. Use the recipe for many years.
Sprats at home
213 5 120м -
Anyone tried it, be sure to ask for the recipe
Fish snack with rice
206 5 15м 2
A quick mini-starter motivated by Japanese canapés-sushi, a great start to any meal or snack food to alcohol!

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