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Stuffed " Shoes"
281 - 90м 5
Festive and everyday dish.
Sauce pumpkin and ricotta pasta
277 4 30м 4
This is perhaps one of the most favorite sauces. I use it for pumpkin varieties "Prefecture", because she's amazing "nutty" flavor, but you can cook with any pumpkin!
Moroccan soup "Harer"
262 - - -
This soup devout Muslims eat once a year during Ramadan. Not only at dinner (after sunset), but in the morning (before sunrise). My question: - "Why this dish is eaten during Ramadan?" the answer: "very Satisfying. If eaten in the morning, all day do not want to eat". And this is very important because during Ramadan Muslims are not allowed not only eat, but to drink from the onset of the morning prayer of Fajr until the evening prayer Maghrib. The recipe for this dish was posted on the website in 2010 by the user syndys called "Moroccan soup "Harer" and is illustrated with me in the framework of "Coloring".
Farfalle (bows) with Neapolitan tomato sauce
245 4 20м 4
Gardens and orchards have long covered with snow, while the green freshness always want. Then come to the aid of frozen stocks. This dish is very simple, but bright and tasty. So I share with you.
Soup "Borax-borax" from the island of Corfu
200 - - -
Vegan Greek soup. And, incidentally, quite delicious. Please!
Pizza "4 seasons"
176 - 140м 2
Pizza 4 stagioni Spring, summer, autumn, winter — this beautiful theme called "Nature. Seasons" is devoted to the many works of art. The famous Italian Antonio Vivaldi dedicated to four world-famous concert. What could answer his compatriot Italians today? Of course, pizza...

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