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What to cook from Jelly more

Biscuits "Hello"
325 - 60м 12
To prepare the crisp and delicate pastry does not require special efforts. No need to even scarce products for decoration and no frills – this in itself is incredibly delicious and appetizing! Hi I send this to my friend Ola (Магіока82).
Cake "Chocolate triumph"
315 - 120м 12
Will make their debut with delicious rich chocolate, with a light fruity acidity of raspberry cake. Was preparing for her husband's birthday. The oven will again and again, because all the tasters delighted and amazed. So, meet...
Cake "cottage Cheese ballad"
247 5 - -
Very quick to prepare and equally quick to eating cottage cheese cake without flour, which you can please yourself, guests, and most importantly our kids, who did not want to eat cottage cheese, but in the form of cake is quite another matter :) a Small layer of biscuit, covered with a large number of the most delicate and fragrant of bananas, thick chocolate cottage cheese pudding layer, a layer of juicy nectarine. Thick layer of delicate, fresh cheese with jelly, and crowning all this tenderness and utility of a small amount of cream from the sour cream with condensed milk.
"The wheel"
212 3 - -
Cake and quick cooking. In this regard, in advance must apologise for the not very neat design, just in a hurry)))
Millet-buckwheat burgers
211 - 60м 4
This is a simple but very delicious dish perfect for Breakfast or a light dinner.
Biscuit treacle
181 3 - -
I know that online a huge variety of biscuit recipes for every taste and color. But mine differs in that it is prefabricated from jelly! I apologize in advance if this will show...

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