Coconut oil

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Meatless soup with mushrooms and millet
393 - 40м 5
Meatless soup with mushrooms and millet. An unusual ingredient coconut cream gives the soup a rich taste and nice texture.
286 5 20м -
Gluten-free. For this recipe you can make and cupcake. Flour from green buckwheat a must! From regular buckwheat flour will not work if you are not afraid of gluten, replace with flour from Emmer wheat.
Cottage cheese pancakes with banana
244 - 30м 3
Delicious cottage cheese pancakes with banana and rice flour. These are very good pancakes for Breakfast! PP recipe. Gluten-free.
Rice cookies "Mushrooms"
186 - 35м 4
Biscuit based on rice flour - a great meatless recipe shortbread pastry. I made cookies in the shape of mushrooms, to highlight its vegan nature. "Mushrooms" with a pleasant soft-crumbly texture. Anise flavor blends wonderfully with the aroma of coconut sugar. Gluten-free and beseechingly recipe. Tapioca starch can be replaced by another, anise - another fragrant additive coconut sugar is normal. The liver can make any shape what you like.
Useful delicious muffins with zucchini and peppers
178 - 40м 12
Muffins without sugar and gluten in the first place! (In this and tender, and with a hint of sweet, and incredibly aromatic) second, it is possible to prepare a lot and freeze for the future! Get a very hearty and very flavorful due to the peppers. I'd say good instead of bread or as a full meal - not dessert.
Cakes of figs
168 - 15м 10
The recipe for the sweet tooth. Very sweet, very tasty and one use... happens, that would be sweet, and useful? Happen!!! Come in for a Cup of coffee.

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