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Lamb's brains in batter
169 - - 4
As you know, in the Caucasus sheep eaten whole, from head to tail. And dishes out some parts of the RAM in the Caucasus are considered a delicacy. Distinguished guests, for example, are skewers of lamb eggs. And brains are considered a delicacy no less.
Appetizer quick
160 3 15м -
My son wanted to mother something bungled pita... bought... and... mom is done. It turned out very tasty, from what is at hand. And most importantly, very satisfying! The family was fed, happy, and I time to prepare at least spent!
Hoback Jen - pumpkin fried in batter
142 5 30м 4
This traditional dish was on the table in our family did on birthdays. Now the pumpkin is not served on a festive table. But sometimes still wakes up to eat "hoback Jen" with tea. Why tea? Because, "hoback Jen" it's kind of sweet and crunchy and I more relate to desserts.
Smelt in a Japanese batter
137 - - 4
Japanese tempura is a mixture of low-celiac wheat flour with rice flour. The batter turns out airy, crisp... awesome in one word!!!
Grenadier, battered
130 - 15м 2
No one can resist a crispy crust around the tender pieces of Grenadier.
White fish in sweet and sour sauce
126 3 20м 6
For this dish well-suited fish with dense white meat cod, Pacific halibut, tilapia. Vegetables and fruits can put any, any combination according to your taste. Fish deep-fry in a wok or deep frying pan. If fry usually fry the fish, then there is a high risk that turning it will fall apart.

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