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What to cook from Cereal more

Roll ice-cream "dot"
231 - - -
I learned to decorate the roll on the advice of Svetlana Recipe "Rolls with drawings". Thanks to its luxurious explanation, I got this fancy coffee roll ice cream with crunchy balls inside, which on the holiday table will look great! Svetochka, thank you very much!!! This recipe is dedicated to you, dear!!!
Cupcake with chocolate balls
201 - 50м -
Delicious cake in a cheerful chocolate peas: no butter, sour cream and condensed milk. The site has a cupcake recipe with the dough from similar ingredients, but the proportions are completely different. The recipe was seen in one of the cooking shows on TV.
Cake "Choco Boom"
184 4 - -
Soon the holiday - "Valentine". Try to cook this simple but delicious cake. It will not take you much time because the oven does not need anything!
177 5 - -
Brittle, Yes they are not just in this recipe it's not! Chocolate balls, toffee and nuts, these candies melt in your mouth!
Sour cream cake soufflé with strawberries
157 3 - -
Now, when on the street so the sun warms and the smell of summer, does not want to stand at the hot plate. And sweet want, but still, it's airy, light, fresh... a way out-a cake without baking:made from sour cream souffle with a strawberry layer. Very fragrant, delicate, and simply beautiful, and most importantly, very easy to prepare. Do not be alarmed that here strawberries (season not started), fresh berries with success can be replaced by frozen! Recipe taken from "Good food".
Biscuits "Hedgehogs"
144 - - -
Delicious, nachrusten outside and soft on the inside! Pamper Sunday morning, at Breakfast, his family, beautiful and delicious biscuits piping hot with a bit of sugar, milk, tea or jelly, very tasty!!! I usually make the dough in two, one half frozen, from the second cook. Next weekend in the evening take the dough defrost on the middle shelf of the refrigerator. And it only remains for me to form balls and send in the oven. For the recipe thank your bestie Elena Grigorchuk!!!

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