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Pie "Flower" with chocolate paste
0.5k - - -
Sweet yeast cake in the shape of a flower not only decorate a simple tea party, but also will decorate any table!
Cake "Shokko-Baroque"
222 4 120м 12
Yummy walnut-chocolate cake with cream and cherry cream.
Cake "Winnie The Pooh"
204 5 180м 24
Perfect for any child.
Dessert "Express Tiramisu"
197 - 15м 4
Somehow imperceptibly for myself, I "got" to level 5... I Want to thank all chefs for your attention to my recipes and for the warm attitude! And in turn, treat you today, this dessert is "Express T iramis"! All very quick and easy, but tasty... You just need to be reserved in advance with all the necessary ingredients, and the dessert you can prepare immediately before serving, as cooking you will take the least time. With it, the result will delight both adults and children! If you are a dessert kids, just replace the coffee on a children's chocolate drink, which you will moisten the cookies. PS And no RAW eggs!!!
Pancake pie "Just "AH!"
176 - - -
Oh! as well.. once a year is such a delightful tradition: a week of eating pancakes!!! and in fact, the more you eat, the happier.. richer and better year!!!.. and need scale spend the winter and to meet the BEAUTIFUL SPRING!!!... and of course... every day I want to enjoy some SPECIAL pancakes.. pancakes or pies... I suggest to Your court sweet pancake pie... it's such a pleasure to ENJOY at least interesting piece of this cheese-chocolate-esavage bliss... and the words are redundant here... it's Woosnam, JUST.. AH!
Pancake cake
174 4 - -
The carnival at the time!

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