What to cook from Coca-Cola more

Cuba Lbre
275 4 2м 4
"Cuba Libre" (Spanish Cuba Libre, "free Cuba") is a cocktail containing rum, Cola and lime, one of the most popular cocktails in the world. The word "libre" in Spanish is read as "pounds" was First prepared in Havana in 1900. American soldiers mixed Cuban rum and coke and I drank a toast to a free Cuba ("Viva Cuba libre" = "long live free Cuba").
269 4 - -
Chicken in Coca-Cola. Sorry in advance, Powerade, know all relevant to different stake, but I am her biggest fan! So chicken this cook often and she told me and my friends love) Let's not discuss the harmfulness or usefulness of a coke - everyone has their own opinion, but if on the website there are fans of this dark drink recipe for you! Tender chicken out of the oven with a sweet taste!
Pancakes "coke"
233 - 30м -
Once I came up with the idea to make pancakes for "Coca Cola". Tried it and was satisfied. The pancakes had a characteristic flavor and smell of the drink.
Cocktail "Free Cuba"
192 - 3м 1
Cocktail "Cuba Libre" was created in Havana in 1900 by American soldiers, mixed a rum and coke and say a toast "For a free Cuba!"
Cocktail "Alarm"
189 4.5 5м -
If you need to quickly Wake up... Cocktail "Alarm" is the best remedy.
Milky coffee cocktail "ice-bubble"
182 - 5м 5
Very unusual cocktail with an unusual combination of ingredients! Ice cream with Coca-Cola and coffee) and most importantly, quick and tasty)

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