Corn grits

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Gomi, or Hominy - Georgian dish made of corn flour and cereals. In principle it is a thick, sweet porridge, served with smoked Suluguni and normal. I also use and Imeretian cheese. As a rule, Gomi eat instead of bread and is served with meat, vegetable and fish dishes. Gomi turns out tasty and interesting, filled with cheese is cheesy smoked tint. Help yourself!
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Desserts are rarely useful - but it just that case when not only delicious, but also health at the time!
Salad " Cossack"
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This salad I first tried at your favorite restaurant. Since bought it always. The menu assembled structure, already prepared at home. Want to buy You! The original recipe with polenta, liver and mushrooms!
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A dish of Arab cuisine. Cheap, fast, gentle.
Baguette rye sourdough
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These baguettes for me and my family the ideal delicious and healthy bread. The basis is the Alpine baguette from the book of Daniel Leader's Local Breads. Alpine French baguette differs from the more dense crust and crumb structure. What is it delicious and aromatic, due to all sorts of seeds!! Add your favorite combination of seeds and grains. And ready to share with you the recipe and you can to your taste, replace some of the regular flour to whole wheat or to change the proportions of the fillings based on your taste preferences.
Fish soup from sterlet
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Offer the option of fisherman's soup, which should be considered a separate type of soup, not having a particular technology and recipe.

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