Oil, cottonseed

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214 5 - 10
For many years rice in our family, cooked by my father. He was born and grew up in Tashkent. I was in the kitchen, as they say, waiting in the wings. Now I cook it myself. Family enjoying...
192 4.4 160м 10
Chawla is an Uzbek dish, a sort of pilaf, but is a completely different technology. If the risotto rice should be crumbly, sable, on the contrary, adhesive. Very tasty, hearty dish.
Lean Mastichari
143 - 90м -
The proposed Mastichari is a vegetable pilaf, Masha and rice with vegetables. The birthplace of this dish in Uzbekistan. Very tasty, flavorful and hearty, it is perfect for Lent. Help yourself!
Pilaf of lamb in a slow cooker
134 - 90м 4
Delicious, fragrant pilaf of lamb, which helped me to prepare my multivarka VITEK VT-4203 SR.
Pilaf with Turkey thigh
133 - 60м 8
Turkey meat diet, healthy and rich in micronutrients. And if the breast is usually dry history, the thigh just opening for me: delicious and juicy as the meat itself and in the composition of foods. A pilaf with Turkey thigh though not intended for comparison with the original recipe pilaf with lamb, but is prepared much faster, it is less oily, and the taste is also very rich and interesting
Lagman, Dungan noodles
130 3 80м 10
Maybe it's not the original recipe, but cooks like my father. And he was born and raised in Tashkent. Taught the Uzbeks!

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