Syrup pineapple

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Cake "Pancho"
253 - 120м 12
A very delicious cake. My "Pancho" made with chocolate sponge cake, cottage cheese and sour cream with pineapple syrup and pineapple and drizzled with icing. So beloved my sweet sister! Katya, in your honor my "Pancho"!
Chocolate cakes with creamy vanilla custard
190 - - -
For chocolate lovers - can enjoy the wonderful cakes! Their preparation will not take much time and the result will certainly please you! The idea of the saw S. Makarevich.
Pineapple garnish
185 - 30м 6
Yes, you read that right! Today I want to offer a savoury dish of pineapple! For lovers of exotic, unusual flavors! This side dish is perfect for meat or chicken! Interested? Go!
181 - 5м 1
Recipe for coffee machine
Cupcake Roksolany
169 - 40м 6
Islak cake with chocolate sorbet. Begin this week with Oriental sweets - chocolate islak cake. I was surprised that have not found the recipe on "the Cook", so I decided to introduce you with it, adding to the Treasury website. Islak cake is not just pastries, it's the passion of the East, expressed in baked goods. If you Google scores Islak Kek (the Latin alphabet), you will see many variations. I tried to convey this exquisite delicacy, not pouring the cake sherbet, and sorbet from chocolate Bay and chocolate. He became less "wet". Berries, caramelized in pekmezi agave (you can use any syrup) roasted sesame seeds and sunflower seeds gave a final touch of flavor explosion. Prepare this "cake" and imagine that this could have Roksolana Hürrem Haseki Sultan.
Roll "tropikanka"
166 - - -
Meatloaf comes out tender, moderately sweet, with chunks of juicy pineapple! Time to prepare is not a lot. Good for home drinking tea with relatives.

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