The Brazil nuts

What to cook from The Brazil nuts more

265 5 15м 1
sometimes under cover of night attacks defiant mood to eat something sort of..
Candy "Ural gems"
150 - - -
I invite you to tale by Pavel Bazhov, a visit to the Mistress of Copper mountain, the Keeper of precious rocks and gemstones.
Fast crisp chocolate cake with raspberries and nuts
129 4 25м 12
Bake a lot of pies, but... this got me hooked today. To say delicious would be an understatement. Velikaletni, wonderful pie, and is preparing... faster does not happen. The basis of the books of Linda Colesterol + ranja + Natalie(Natasha). Recipe - pie with blueberries and Brazil nuts. Well, we do not have blueberries and Brazil nuts (can't wait when they poyavyatsya))) it is delicious with raspberries and our nuts)))
Shortbread "Favorite"
98 5 30м 5
Very tasty, crisp, with a nutty flavor cookie. In our family it has become a favorite for many years ago. It can make even a child. Here we are with a daughter and decided to participate in the contest "Silver Line to the delight of children".

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