Carrot juice

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Buns "Orange sunshine"
223 - 180м 6
Bright, tasty and wholesome oat biscuits with the addition of carrots, which gives a wonderful Sunny color and it is not heard on the palate. They are perfect for first courses and tea or a glass of milk
Salad "Candle"
219 3 30м -
portion the salad, decorate holidays and weekday.
Colored dumplings
218 5 40м 6
Had the idea to make the colored dumplings for my daughter. That's what happened.
The "orange sauce" for spaghetti and not only
216 3 40м 5
Love to feed babies carrots. So they had no idea! I remember in my childhood when I was spinning plates, I really liked the song: Orange sky, orange sea, Orange greens, orange camel. Orange mother orange Orange songs orange guys sing... " the pasta is, always show the Italian mom who cooks well "the most delicious sauce". I think that I would be able to act as the "orange mom" because my sauce all his friends love children (not only children)!!! Not knowing about the carrot!!!
202 - - -
Warsaw is a small balls made from rice flour with different fillings of sugar, butter, walnuts, sesame, roses, mashed beans or dates. Warsaw, boiled, steamed, fried in deep fat or on a griddle and usually served as a dessert. Sweet and fragrant bulbs also called tunhuang that is consonant with Chinese "reunion". The Chinese believe that eating Tianyuan the rest of the family, the family will always be together, live happily ever after. It is known more than thirty varieties of "Warsaw" with various fillings. Therefore, the taste of cakes "Warsaw" is also very diverse.
Pancakes buckwheat porridge with carrot juice
199 - - 15
Tasty pancakes. Beautiful colors. Gentle and mild.

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