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What to cook from Capelin more

Scare of capelin and herring
0.7k - - -
SCARA is simple, fast, delicious! Right scaru to cook fresh fish. Scare of fish is simply excellent taste. Try to cook this fish delicacy! Prepare and enjoy!
Dried fish in a electric dryer
0.6k - - -
A relatively quick method of cooking dried fish. Fans of beer and fish.
Fish soup with capelin
334 - 60м 3
The soup in the Post, when allowed to fish. I invite you to try delicious and nutritious soup is soup made from fish broth from capelin with vegetables and quinoa. Capelin - fish is very useful. Unfortunately many people ignore it. The use of capelin cover a broad spectrum of effects on the body, from preventing heart attacks to improving your mood. Therefore, it is necessary to include in the diet and for everyday use, and in the composition of the diet.
Capelin baked in foil
316 - - -
Offer you a recipe of a very quick, tasty and healthy cooking capelin. The fish turns out tender, juicy, very tasty. I was very surprised when found nothing similar on our website. Help yourself!
Ear of capelin "UEK in Sakhalin"
188 - 30м 4
Of course, to cook her fresh, smelling of fresh cucumbers capelin, but alas! You say I was wrong - fish are not harvested and are caught. No, it is on Sakhalin can gather capelin and she is called it is funny and fun - "the UJC". Lucky for me and not one to watch on the silver shore of the Okhotsk sea and try to catch early waves to score fish. This is a lasting impression, today, happy to cook and remember. Help yourself.
"The fish keg with mushrooms"
162 - 90м 4
A great snack to vodka.

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