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Chicken Bombay
330 4 1м 5
Original taste. Unusual. Try it, goes on "Hurrah".
Dessert for children's party
325 - 5м 5
Easy to make and beautiful dessert for children's parties
Cake "Five point"
244 4.5 - -
A surprise Birthday. This cake is "walked" on the Day of Birth. Initially, it was decided that the cake I bake, and then one day there was a question about what kind. Our male colleagues after some discussion, unanimously said that there must be something very special, funny and memorable. And after thinking a bit said in unison that they want the cake-butt (I Think it makes no sense to say that the birthday boy and had no idea what awaits him?! :) Well - said than done. However, all was still, and any comments about the composition of the cake, to chocolate, to cherry, so not the usual sour cream, so that is not too sweet, etc. in Short I had to break down. But everything was even more than successful. The cake turned out amazing - very rich and non-hackneyed taste, very soft and tasty. The birthday boy was delighted. Cake to "official" sweet table did not live to see it taken away bit by bit. In short all were very pleased. Well, the name was invented by my husband :)
Cherry pechenocna
228 5 30м -
I'm sitting in the icing, can't get his fix, uncle, mom says, and the liver fried. Folk tales of the MAGHREB. You'll laugh, BUT again, Ya.
Cake "Easy"
215 3 - -
Tender, light cake.
Delicate peach pie
209 - 60м 8
Winter this year was a bit late and did not want to give way to spring warmth. I suggest not to pay attention to the vagaries of the weather and start to tune in to the spring mood. Today I wanted something bright, warm and cheerful. Decided to bake a cake. Come in, dear guests, help yourself!

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