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Salad "Rhapsody"
485 - 30м 2
Offer to cook dinner salad, which will replace the hamburger with a side dish and will become a full-fledged dinner. After all, chicken with vegetables, it's bright, it's fast, it's satisfying and it's just finally. And if the court of autumn, and budget. And, Yes, it's delicious. Cooking?
Chicken lavangi
423 - - -
Dear cooks, publish another recipe for all lovers of Azerbaijani cuisine for those who are acquainted with dishes of national cuisine. From all of my guests who had the opportunity to taste this dish, remember its taste, you should teach it to cook! There is nothing complicated in cooking! Go! Help yourself! And I will be glad, if you make yourself a chicken!
Azerbaijan tomato salad with sumac
382 - - -
Very tasty salad, I didn't even expect it so we like it) Minimum ingredients, maximum taste. I have time to try until tomato season is not over! Would be delicious with fresh bread or dried cabaleu, perfect as a garnish for potatoes, meat or chicken, and just eat it - a pleasure!
Mussels in far East
277 5 20м 3
With SPRING all chefs!!! This dish is my husband fantasy. Indescribable, delicate taste of mussels in combination with sweet and sour sauce and hints of garlic and cilantro. Well suited to non-strict fast days. And for a romantic dinner - just a fairy tale. Very tasty.
The chicken in the glaze of soy sauce
224 - - -
Chicken dishes are on our table quite frequently, so I try to cook it into something new. Here is another recipe, the chicken is soft and pleasant to the taste.
Salad with ham, pear and avocado
222 - 30м -
Brought once again the son of hamonica and I decided to offer you one of our favorite salads with "participation" ham.

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