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What to cook from Loin more

Gratin of meat and vegetables "French kiss"
473 - 100м 4
"Today is a holiday at the girls". Of course, the holiday, because in the kitchen wielding my youngest son. He prepares a romantic dinner for your beloved and for the contest "spring is in the heart". I have romantic nature and humorous at the same time. There would simply be called "casserole", he wanted to be romantic, in the French manner. Forgive him Lord French for the culinary lapses. The title is also entirely on his conscience.
Carbonate "Tender"
353 4 30м 6
Juicy, tasty and very aromatic carbonate prepared in half an hour in the pan.
Pork loin chops with oranges in Greek
348 3 200м 4
Very fragrant and tasty dish. Yesterday was my favorite! Tastier meat, I did not.
Meat "Jelly"
286 3 70м 8
This name, because the meat is wrapped in an unusual way and with the filling inside, so we decided to call it. The meat turns out tender, juicy and flavorful. Suitable for everyday table, and quite worthy of a holiday feast.
Lamb with tomatoes and red wine
168 - 60м 5
Lamb chops with tomatoes and red wine. The recipe is not tricky, but it turns out delicious and satisfying.
Mushroom soup quickie
168 5 40м 6
I wanted to be a night of hot soup... delicious and nutritious...

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