Tomato pickled

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Lentil soup with Turkey in the pot
158 - - 2
Thick nourishing soup with marinated tomatoes and garlic. Instead of Turkey can I take bacon - so it will be more aromatic.
Pickle with mushrooms in a pot
148 - - 1
Is the fast of the apostles. It's time to cook a delicious vegetable soup with dried mushrooms and garlic. But cook it we will not in the pan, and portion pots. On your court stand two versions of the pickle.
Fragrant chicken with mushrooms and tomatoes
137 - 40м 2
Hello, dear friends! Love to cook chicken and so decided to share with You this simple recipe. Aroma the meals incredible, and the taste is just the bomb. So try and prepare.
Toledo bread
134 - - -
I come to You again with some bread. This time a bread with an incredibly delicious aroma of pizza. Lush, delicious! It even manages to survive until lunch/dinner - leaves with the milk and sour cream in minutes! Recipe all from the same "Big book of baking".
My homemade meat salad
123 - 40м 6
Despite the impressive number of ingredients similar salads on the site, I still want to offer you my family recipe, tested by years of practice and supplemented with small secrets. Without this salad in our house is not complete almost any holiday. Today I want to give him a Birthday wonderful Svetlanka G980.
Cucumber "his"
117 - 15м 2
The perfect appetizer-Zagrebacka vodka! Men really like. The recipe is from the 90s...

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