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What to cook from Sherry more

Rice casserole with meat and vegetables
290 4 - -
A very tasty dish! Was found by me in 90 -ies in the journal "BURDA". Since we cook often. A great dish for dinner.
Mushroom soup with fennel
289 - - -
I've combined the seemingly incompatible products: mushrooms and fennel, and it turned out delicious, tender, velvety soup with a wonderful aroma.
Soup from mushrooms
208 - 30м 5
Soup from mushrooms. You can use any mushrooms.
Chicken c soy sauce
171 - - -
For many Housewives soy sauce of exotic spices became simply irreplaceable ingredient that gives familiar dishes of new flavors. For example, chicken with soy sauce — very tasty and flavorful dish, with an interesting cooking technique, and as a result, interesting taste. For this dish it is desirable to have a wok, or at least a deep pan.
Ginger chicken in Chinese "Jiang You Ji"
168 5 - -
Only for those who loves Chinese food. Chicken marinated in soy sauce with ginger. Very fragrant.
Pork Chinese style with soy sprouts
153 5 15м 3
Pickled pork with vegetables cooked in "Wok" - very tasty. For lovers of Chinese cuisine. Can be served with a side dish or as a hot entrée, as a separate dish.

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