What to cook from Gherkins more

Terrine of salmon with gherkins
458 5 20м 5
Can be served as a salad – like terrine.
Salad with tongue and shiitake
392 - 50м 2
Offer to cook a very delicious salad. The structure includes a tongue, oyster mushrooms and pickled cucumber, and dressing moderately spicy, savory, so to speak. Try it, you will not be disappointed!
Salad "whole"
348 - 30м 4
Recently tried this dish and for some reason they were subjugated! Hearty, fresh, minimal ingredients and ease of preparation!
Spanish “Russian” salad
347 - 30м 6
Ensalada rusa – Russian salad – can be ordered in virtually any diner in Catalonia. This very popular salad with artichokes, anchovies and olives somehow got the name "Russian". Perhaps someone tried to play our ubiquitous "Olivier" and created this version, which by the way can be a good replacement for this usual Christmas dish. The salad was delicious and versions of it a lot, so let's called Russian.
Salad "Piemonte"
312 - - -
Piedmont - Italian area of the Alps, bordering with France, Switzerland and Austria. Has its own special culinary way of life. I suggest to try one of these dishes. Tasty, crunchy and fresh salad.
Rolls of herring with remoulade sauce
309 - - 3
The main thing in this dish - the sauce - because it excited everyone in our family! There are many versions of remoulade, but this one appealed to me the availability of products. It is suitable to fish dishes and perfectly will blend in with vegetable snacks (for example, I make a salad of beets and potatoes and served this sauce). And mashed potatoes with remoulade - just eat with a fork! But the New year I suggest You serve with this sauce wonderful rolls, in Germany they are called "Rollmops". A truly festive dish. Hope intrigued!

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