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Apples flambe "fire and Ice"
1.4k - 60м 3
Delicious, easy to prepare and very impressive dessert! If you're interested - welcome under kat!
Chocolate biscuit cake making "rose"
260 - - -
First made this cake 4 years ago for a cake for her husband's birthday. After that, he settled down in the recipes of my cakes. Air soft biscuit with the taste of dark chocolate and orange, incredibly tasty by itself, and complete with orange cream is a Symphony. Today I used it for making cake roses. The design idea of the Internet, there are several master classes from different chefs.
Dumplings Fragrant
189 - 25м 5
Sometimes the holidays are no time to make a cake or sweet pie. You can of course buy ready-made, but you can make a quick and delicious dessert by apples in puff pastry. I love Apple cakes, fragrance the holiday from her. The recipe is old and well known, but some details make the apples so delicious that they and holiday table will not fail. I found the puffs with the use of brandy and dates and the aroma is wonderful. And free time you can spend on yourself or to Tinker with other masterpieces. And the Monkey will be happy apples and figs, and crispy test will not give up, a kind of gourmand.
Cake "Orange mood"
166 - - -
This dessert we recently tried with her husband in one of our city café. He impressed me very gentle, creamy, with almond shortbread base and a filling of mango. The original recipe I gave no, and I improvised but it turned out super. Bright festive mood, this cake is guaranteed.
French orange crepes
164 - - -
Today is the start of buttered week, and what's spring without a carnival? In fact for many the most important culmination of wide Shrovetide was the passage of winter and the burning of the Maslenitsa Scarecrow. As we were waiting for this moment, mere words can not convey. It seemed that the nature eagerly waiting for this signal to Wake up the spring. A bright sun began to slowly warm. Offer the recipe is incredibly fragrant and delicate thin pancakes, very sorry that I did not do a double. Recipe found in "the Calendar of the Orthodox Housewives" in 2009. and almost did not change anything.
Cupcake "Waiting for winter"
121 - 30м -
Autumn. Fragrant, viscous honey. Yellow, elastic corn on the cob – fresh flour. Tender nuts. The three main components of these cupcakes. But that's not all – there is a secret. Know?

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