What to cook from Hibiscus more

Rose tea
253 - - -
Well, what could be better than a floral tea, but still with the scent of vanilla and roses!
Hibiscus tea
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A few days ago I came out of Egypt (two weeks of vacation flew by like two days), and brought back the recipe right brewing hibiscus tea, he told me about a native of Cairo. This tea not only quenches thirst on a hot day, but also has very useful properties, which I will discuss in the recipe, come on in and learn a lot.
Recipe vodka infusions on hibiscus
199 - - -
Simple and bright infusion color, perfect alcohol base for cocktails
Compote from rhubarb
188 3 15м 8
The weather is hot and want something cold and refreshing. Fresh fruits and berries, not yet ripe, but full of useful rhubarb.
186 - 40м 6
Bake pancakes in Russia began in the period of paganism. First mentioned about them in the eighth century. Then the pancake was called the sacrificial bread. Later, the pancakes became a symbol of the sun. The British, noting the Sinful Tuesday, arrange races. They are on the run, flip the pancakes, lying on the pans. Who the hell drops, the competition is eliminated. The French believe that when you turn the pancake can come true their desires. For this you need one hand to hold the frying pan's handle and the other to hold the coin. The starter of this familiar dishes with a rich history
165 4 15м 8
A delicious, refreshing drink, very welcome to the feast (not costly - either material or time) and a good thirst quencher on a hot day!

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