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Skewers of seafood with honey
146 - - -
I offer delicious seafood. A very simple marinade of ingredients are not forced to wait long for this dish and will make your gala dinner memorable. Because of the feast, cooked over charcoal, are especially tasty and flavorful.
Tom Kha with seafood, shiitake mushrooms and saffron rice
104 5 45м 4
Probably, as for many, Thai food, for me, primarily fresh ripe exotic fruit and fresh seafood. Well, one of the most characteristic dishes is, of course, the soups with coconut milk. Despite the fact that the Thai people are very lucky with the nature is and the sea and almost constant sunshine, and rich flora and fauna, they and I try to surround myself with bright colors and scents, clothing and jewelry, oils and incense, fragrant and colorful dishes. Tom Kha – flavorful soup with coconut milk. White background very nice mixed vegetables. The use of the classic herbs for this soup allows you to achieve a sweet-sour "Ayurvedic" effect, a positive effect on digestion. The main aromatic components in the classic "Tom Kha" - galangal (or ginger), lemongrass (lemongrass, Chinese lemongrass, lemongrass – it is all one and the same), Kaffir lime (lime leaves). In this recipe I used regular ginger root (as it is a relative of galangal). Tom Kha cooking most often with chicken or seafood. Bright colors can give him a variety of vegetables – carrots, shallots, green peppers, peas, tomatoes. As an integral part of this soup are mushrooms. Restaurants often put in Chinese mushrooms and/or oyster mushrooms. I used my favorite shiitake can take any other. As a broth, use coconut milk or concentrated coconut cream + water. To give a sour-sweet taste often added to soup, lime juice and palm sugar, I said I was done serving soup, pineapple pieces and tomato – this technique is used less frequently, but is often combined in a classic sweet and sour Thai sauce that can be served with rice, noodles, meat, seafood. Along with Tom Kha is served rice or rice noodles as a side dish or an addition to soup. The saffron rice is also very popular here. However, it is prepared with the addition of turmeric (a cheap substitute for saffron), and its second name – "Indian saffron".
Broccoli soup with shells
101 - 30м -
Sopa de brocoli y berberechos - broccoli soup, a great option for a light soup.
"Yes Zuppa Hiking"
99 - 20м 1
The seafood soup.
Macaroni casserole
99 - 40м 6
Very easy to prepare recipe, food always in the fridge. It turns out very tender, cheesy and satisfying with a crunchy top. For me it's a main dish, but for my men it is a side dish.
93 4 60м 12
In the original version fideua. Dish fideuà (with the accent on the a)appeared due to the distraction of a young fisherman who was going to cook, paay for their comrades, but dreaming of the beloved, wrongly filled in, paau vermicelli instead of rice. When he realized his mistake, time to correct something already gone:hungry fishermen were waiting for lunch. The guy desperately offered his dish to teammates. Fideua all had to taste and quickly spread through the Mediterranean coast, has become a favorite not only among fishermen, it is cooked in the most prestigious restaurants. In contrast, paai in which any possible combination of products, fideuà, there's only one option:with fish and seafood, but it's not getting worse, Pai...

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