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Cheek "gentle"
263 - 90м 5
Jowl cooked for this recipe you'll love! The meat is flavorful, very tender and just melts in your mouth! Yes, it melts!
Fake sprats of herring in a slow cooker
221 - - -
This fish on our family table a very frequent visitor. Delicious, easy, and looking at the price of sprat in the Bank and profitable :) you Can cook on the stove and in the oven.
208 3 - -
"get Fat not from pork fat, and its quantity" (proverb). Real lard is the subcutaneous fat with the skin, and the most useful, say nutritionists, it is in a salt form. That doesn't sound appetizing... I don't eat... And smoked bacon - so plaque cholesterol a little if not all the arteries... and it's against me... Only I'm from Ukraine! national product need to eat! necessary - so necessary... ;-) choose a kind of compromise: boiled bacon... as strange as it sounds, and even onion skins :-) in appearance very similar to the appetizing smoked with amber crust... and if the brine is to add liquid smoke, and the taste and is fragrant, soft with the smoke...
Herring home-smoked
197 5 - -
Similar recipes are on the site, but I was prepared according to the recipe nnsvz with hood-cook, she did the mackerel, but I lay frozen herring, and I decided to experiment with it. Very tasty!!!
Marinated mackerel
168 - 60м 2
Very easy to prepare and very tasty!
Painting Easter eggs
163 - 60м 50
All simple is genius.

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