The goose liver

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Foie Gras
213 4 10м 1
Foie Gras— the liver of overfed goose or duck.
A paste of red lentils and foie Gras
203 - - -
I want to offer you tasty and tender pâté red lentil and foie Gras. Pate in the preparation is not time consuming, perfect for morning tea and coffee.
Liver cake "Gentle"
169 - - -
On the website of these cakes, a lot, but I want to offer the option, as in my opinion, it's the fastest and not troublesome. Prepared with carrot and hepatic pancakes with cottage cheese and yogurt filling. Decorated cake vegetable canapés. Perfect for the holiday table, delicious and nutritious. Why not make a cake for the carnival?
Terrine of foie Gras with white mushrooms
162 - - 2
And pickled beets with cranberries. Terrines are popular. They played a role in history, and today can be elegant and attractive - they are perfect for a little snack, and for the basic hearty meals as the picnic and dinner party.
Carpaccio with "foie Gras" and pears
156 - 120м 8
Always wanted to try carpaccio, but there was no confidence in the quality of the meat. And in the new "the Book of grocery store" saw the recipe of duck. As in a duck, which she raised, I'm sure, decided to try and was not disappointed. A combination of cold meat and warm pears is just a delight!
Foie Gras with cranberry-raspberry sauce
153 - 30м 1
Foie Gras with cranberry-raspberry sauce, baked Apple and sweet potato. In this dish all perfectly harmonious, sour-sweet baked Apple, delicate foie Gras, tangy cranberry-raspberry sauce and deep fried strips of sweet potato.

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