What to cook from Watercress more

Salad "travushka-muravushka"
410 3.5 10м 1
Spring salad greens for dieters. Suitable as a side dish, a three - dimensional greens perfectly fills the stomach. Yes, in addition some of the ingredients of a salad contribute to fat burning.
Avocado salad with shrimp
263 5 20м 4
Festive dish. Looks nice on the table. Pleasant to the taste. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Salad "Soon the summer!"
245 - 30м 4
Simple and budget salad that will remind You, beloved cooks, about the upcoming summer!!! And spicy filling will satisfy even the male gender! Perfect as a side dish or as a separate dish! Treat and wait for the summer! :)
225 4 10м 1
In the evening I always drink kefir. Usually drank standard 1% with no additives. And once in early autumn at the cottage in season cucumbers decided something in it to cram. The result was excellent - surely this drink is any name and the recipe already exists in Tatar or Caucasian people, but I accidentally came to it myself and don't even know what it's called. The name born by itself when he made the drink in a transparent glass. Not, why not a Mojito :)
Tavern salad "Kazimir"
216 4 - 6
Why "Kazimir"? I do not know. But it ate this salad in a restaurant. Loved it. Dressed with a tasty dressing, that it creates flavor. However, the salad was ham, and I replaced it. The salad turns out with a fresh tangy flavor and quite hearty. I love salads that I can replace dinner. Do it often enough, now decided to post it on the website. Bon appetit!
Soup Veloute of celery
203 - 20м 2
Continue minoritati from the movie "Bridget Jones". Important day in the life of Bridget is her birthday, and she decided to celebrate with friends. But cook of it useless, as a result, on the table blue soup, sauce "whim" - a strange green slime and a strange dessert of oranges. But what really decided to cook Bridget?

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