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Pie "Riddle Of The East"
380 - - -
Cake recipe adapted multivarku "Panasonic", but I'm sure this recipe can be used for any slow cooker, most importantly during cooking to check the readiness of the cake with a wooden stick, if the stick is dry, and it did not stick, the cake is ready! The cake turned out with a creamy aroma and delicate flavor of halva! "As you may say "paste" in the mouth will not become sweeter".
Sweet sauce paste
368 - 15м -
A delicious, simple sauce for pancakes and fritters will please those with a sweet tooth and especially fans of halva. Try it!
Sponge roll with halva
358 - 30м 3
Very tasty and tender sponge cake roll stuffed with halva and butter)
Cake "Slavonian"
273 3 - -
Cake "Slavyanka".
Cake halva "Emerald heart"
198 - - -
You love to surprise your friends and loved ones? Then come on in. Fans of halva is dedicated. The recipe is taken from the forum SAY7.
Cupcake with halva and cocoa
193 - - -
Cakes with halva - delicious. This aroma and taste with nothing to confuse! Try to bake this wonderful cake and you will fall in love with it from the first bite!!

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