Soy sprouts

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Braised cabbage "100 option"
195 - - -
I love braised cabbage, decided to diversify this business. That's what happened.
Salmon in Chinese
160 3 30м 4
Want something new? Try the Chinese cuisine.
Tofu in Chinese
151 5 30м 4
Preparing your favorite tofu with vegetables. It was a completely meatless dinner. And what a delicious!!! The initial disappointment of her husband with the words "But where's the meat???" after the meal was replaced by a satisfied smile well-fed men... and also a request to give a Supplement with the words: "it's too delicious! Would eat and eat!" And I participate with this dish in the competition "Fast from Moulinex".
Salad "beloved husband"
146 4 - -
This salad is my own composition that has passed the test excellently.
Rice pancakes in Vietnamese
138 5 - -
The recipe is not quite normal, but worth the attention.
Fried egg noodles with vegetables and shrimp (Mie goreng)
137 - 20м 2
Egg noodles unfairly considered harmful due to the presence on the market of low-quality surrogates with chemical ingredients. Actually there is nothing harmful, and with proper prigotovlenii and dead use will only benefit! Many friends and guests who have visited my country often ask Committee how to cook noodles like in local cafes? The recipe is dedicated to all lovers of pasta or as the youth of the noodle :) Fast and delicious!

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