Maple syrup

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Fruit salad in pomelo
421 - - 5
Pomelo Latin sounds as Citrus maxima. That is, this huge citrus enough for a big company. But if to make him a salad bowl, then it will fit at least 4 servings of delicious, colourful fruit salad! But this is what you need for Christmas dessert! And this is my hundredth recipe :-) I can't believe!
Chocolates handmade
320 - - -
Of course, buy a ready chocolate a lot easier, but the delicious home-made chocolate, prepared with love, will not allow anyone to remain indifferent. Handmade chocolates are very tasty, soulful and very easy. And this fun activities for adults and children and unique gift I want to give all of you congratulations happy new year, all the favorite holidays and wishes all the very bright and the fulfillment of all your dreams!
Porridge "Oatmeal, sir!"
274 - - 1
It's not a mess... it was a TREAT for some! Very tasty, juicy, and cooked in a matter of minutes. The usual boring oatmeal has become a holiday fruit flavors, combining them. Such snacks can prepare any! Treat yourself and loved ones in the days of fasting a wonderful Breakfast!
Chocolate cake "Mumu" with curd cream
265 - 80м 8
How many chocolate cakes are simply divine!!! I want to offer less caloric, but no less delicious and useful! We will cook in the slow cooker.
Potato salad with radishes
256 3.5 - -
Vegetable salad with a delicate aroma and taste of sesame. Perfect for a light dinner and a side dish.
Fruit salad
247 3 35м 4
Very delicate flavor, looks beautiful on the table. Good for a celebratory Banquet. Can be served as an appetizer, and dessert. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.

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