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What to cook from Fetaki more

Salad "MS beets"
0.6k - 15м 4
With beets you can cook a lot of salads. Offer You one of them. You know, a salad on the holiday table is not ashamed to submit.
Salad "April"
280 - 40м 2
Spring, everything is green and fresh... kind of want... a Combination of well-chosen ingredients gives the chicken a delicate, subtle taste.
Eateries pies with cheese and spinach
159 4 - -
These patties can be served with chicken broth soup. Tea is also good. The recipe for these pies I learned from Irene. Made a few changes to the stuffing. We were very pleased with the taste.
Roll lavash with greens
148 5 15м -
Duty snack at home and at the cottage.
Salad with salmon and selderey
145 - - -
Fresh summer salad with a spicy hint of salted salmon.
Salad with arugula, avocado and feta "harlequin"
140 - - -
The salad was prepared on new year's table, so do not really be surprised by the presence of pictures of Christmas attributes)) Delicious, juicy salad, easily prepared, looked lovely on the holiday table among the salad and other mayonnaise "brothers"))

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