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What to cook from Kumquat more

"the East kiss"
278 - 20м 2
The salad is very refreshing and perfect for holiday and Lenten table.
Summer and winter cocktail "Cranberry shock"
207 - 15м 6
So we arranged... Winter dreaming of the summer, and summer - winter. And this cocktail is a real find! Sunny frosty orange and cranberry warm in cold and cool off in the heat. For the contest "Burnt by the sun"
Caramel gingerbread mousse
159 - - -
Caramel gingerbread mousse, light, airy dessert of French cuisine.
Dessert "Cheesecake motives"
156 5 50м -
The motives, because the idea came after watching the recipe from lelika (dessert, "Cheese miracle") and a prescription from Nadi W (cake "cherry delight"). Plus a bit of your imagination... Home ate everything, even the daughter (although only three pieces, but ate)))))
Cake and cream "Zukaty"
147 - 180м -
Soon we will celebrate the holiday of Easter and every woman will look for his family's best recipes of Easter cakes. Offer you, my friends, is another recipe for this wonderful pastry.
Choco-spoons "Nests" of cereal
146 - - 3
Who as a child loved to lick the spoon after delicious meals?! Now imagine that instead of the cereal you spoon on the chocolate and not just chocolate and cereal and a little piece of your favorite fruit... Unusual, original, delicious Choco-spoons "Slots" with useful cereals will surprise and delight the entire family!

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