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What to cook from Patty more

Burek "eco"
260 4 60м 4
I only had 3 finished cakes. How to feed dinner to 3 people? And the two men. If one Patty is not exactly persuaded. I remembered the recipe Lackinga (Pachita) delicious Bureka. So I wanted to cook this exotic dish. Some ingredients were not available, so had to pomudrit'. The dinner was absolutely delicious. I called the recipe "ECO", i.e. economical. Olga, thank you so much for the idea.
Buckwheat is "Lazy hostess"
234 - 60м 6
Very tasty, fast and economical dish from what was in the fridge. A perfect dish for those who are too lazy to go for food because of the ingredients I think will be in any house and no time to stand at the stove. All amounts of the ingredients you can change and choose according to your taste, so accurate measures will not write🙂 Because we are all different someone loves meat, someone buckwheat, and someone cabbage. By the way, this is my first dish which I post, so please do not judge strictly☺
The burgers in the test
186 - - -
The children who go to school, they know that our children, not all will take out of the bag and will eat at recess in the afternoon. These burgers my kid takes to school!!! By the way, bake them at this point, her husband on the road in the morning.
Our kids - "Munya"
185 - 50м 1
And here Munya - funny cow-smesharik of the last century. Children love the story of the time machine. And also love meals in the form of favorite characters.
Universal vegetable gravy
168 - 20м -
Useful dietary and delicious universal gravy vegetable suitable for any garnish: to cereals, potatoes, pasta. It can be supplemented with a sausage, sausage, fish, slices of prepared meat and cakes. Made from simple ingredients-veggies, with the addition of turmeric and as a thickener-flour wholegrain.
Rolls with cheese and cucumber
151 5 40м 4
Very tasty and easy to prepare rolls!

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