Dried apricots

Dried apricots are dried fruit produced from apricot fruit by natural drying during a week in the sun.

Central Asia and Northern China are the birthplace of the apricot tree. Today, apricots for the production of dried apricots are grown in the gardens of the Krasnodar territory of Russia, the Caucasus, the far East, Central Asia and the Crimea.

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Christmas sochivo
0.6k 3 - -
Christmas - surprising time when heart is filled with expectation of a miracle... And this miracle occurs!.. Merry Christmas!!!
Festive Uzbek pilaf
0.5k - 80м 4
I want to introduce you the recipe for a festive Uzbek pilaf. Since my husband is from Eastern family, I learned to cook Eastern dishes, including plov, which is considered the main dish of the table. A classic recipe pilaf is cooked with meat, and we will be with meat and dried fruits, this pilaf is cooked on holidays in Uzbekistan)
Salad "Bukhara"
482 - - -
Dear Cooks! I want to offer You a very tasty salad! Ladies! Girl, this salad for us! But men are also happy to eat this salad as a dessert. Gentle and refined taste! Very useful! Help yourself!
Stew the apples in the slow cooker KENWOOD 658
465 - 360м 5
Long forgotten by me summer dish with a nostalgic fragrance of grandma's Crimean compote of dried fruits and an unexpected result-a minus of 3 pounds gained during the winter. The recipe comes from the instructions for the slow cooker KENWOOD СР658
Salad "Xenia"
413 - - -
This salad I tried at the birthday of my girlfriend, and I did it on our wedding anniversary. I am in it (in a salad) it was love at first spoonful. Eat it then not to measure (well, really it I liked). This is for those who like different dried fruit in salads (there's raisins and dried apricots). With the name of a long thought, called my friend, but.... because it is not registered, so I am dedicating this salad to all the XENIA on our Boy. KSUSHENKA, this is for you.
Salad "Minor"
400 3 - -
Juicy vegetable salad with a spicy aftertaste of nuts and dried apricots under cheese "cap".

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