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Chocolate liqueur
346 5 10м 10
This version of the recipe for chocolate liqueur is very simple, and, most importantly, without eggs. Turns out tender, chewy, chocolate-cream liqueur. Is prepared simply, quickly consumed)
Chocolate cake "Mega-chocolate"
207 - 90м 4
The site has recipes for chocolate cakes, but they are all different and unique in their own way. So I want to offer you a recipe mega chocolate cake! The dough is put on a chocolate milkshake in the dough adds a large amount of cocoa, and as a Supplement are the pieces of dark chocolate and chocolate dragee in the glaze. The taste of the cake turns out rich chocolate, with hints of bitter chocolate. If you are lovers of dark chocolate, replace it with milk, and reduce the amount of cocoa in half, replacing part of the flour.
Pancakes, on the basis of mazhitel with milk and a jam layer
132 - 60м 5
Delicious pancakes based on mazhitel with cinnamon flavor and is very juicy with a layer of condensed milk and jam, with just a hint of ginger.
Cake "the Eighth of March"
120 - - 8
Light, tender cake with juicy fruit and based with the addition of toasted almonds. Do not judge strictly. This is my debut. Long wanted to publish your recipe. I hope someone he will like!
Chocolate dessert
108 - - -
The chocolate dessert with whipped cream. Recipe from PARMALAT.
Chickpeas with vegetables and rabbit meat
94 - 60м 4
I want to offer another recipe from rabbit meat with chickpeas and vegetables. This is a very tasty and juicy! Something I switched to rabbit meat, well, because it is a dietary and very tasty...

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