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Roast offal with mashed potatoes
393 - 180м 10
Please do not judge strictly for my first experience of putting some of the recipes. I want to offer you a traditional dish for our family and the holiday table. This recipe is the equivalent of the Kazakh national dishes "kuyrdak," which in the original is prepared from lamb offal. I use both beef and pork by-products (based on what is available), the taste does not change. The dish turns out very flavorful, hearty and very nutritious.
Kuchmachi-beef giblets from
375 - 60м 5
The first dish I tried several years ago in St. Petersburg, in a small Georgian restaurant. I was shocked that lungs eat, and looks like a scar - no. And recently, the store saw sales and beef lungs, kidneys, and tripe, and heart. Buds however I did not dare to take, and in the recipe Kuchmachi not found. To reach them as something separate.
Braised beef lung
226 - 60м 4
Beef lung can be cooked many delicious and healthy meals. The use of this byproduct in that it contains many vitamins, iron and iodine. The energy value of the product is just 92 calories. Easy beef contain less fat than conventional meat. I have to say, the dish is not for everybody!
Salad "Eat me"
203 4 30м -
Very tasty salad. I advise you to try. Easy to prepare. Will not disappoint people if you'll make it.
Pies with liver a La "Orsk"
188 - 100м 6
Famous Orsk pies with liver fried from batter to do so without experience and skill is very difficult, but they're delicious. So I picked up the recipe for kefir dough patties out of it like the original: a thin crispy crust and a huge number of delicious toppings. Help yourself, dear.
Potato gratin with minced offal
163 4 - 4
Potato gratin with minced offal.

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