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What to cook from Lasagna more

0.8k - 90м 12
Quietly the Italian cuisine is firmly part of our lives, mastered. Few people do not know what is pizza and spaghetti, tiramisu and Parmesan. And fans will remember Cinzano, Chianti, mascarpone, Savoiardi, ravioli and of course the lasagna...
Lasagna "Delicious"
340 5 - -
Delicious, hearty lasagna with ham, mushrooms and indispensable sauce "Bechamel".
Meat lasagna
334 3.5 60м 6
A classic recipe of Italian cuisine "Lasagna" stuffed with meat
277 4.5 - -
(my improvisation) as the lasagna is possible to cram everything that you can find in the fridge, I got this. Very tasty! The cooking time much more than eating)))
Lasagna with mushrooms and olives
198 3.6 - 4
Type Italian.
Spinach lasagna
182 3 140м 4
For the first time made lasagna. Was afraid that will not work! But it turned out very tasty!!!))) It's pleasing)))

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