Milk ghee

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Chocolate cupcakes on the fermented baked milk
0.6k - 120м 18
Offer very interesting, incredibly tasty, mouth-watering chocolate cupcakes. Get a very crumbly, soft, melt in your mouth. And to prepare their will on the fermented baked milk, cooked in a dry bacterial starter Orsik
Creble "."
375 - 20м -
In my childhood was not plasma TVs, mobile phones and cropley, but had friends playing outside and "no". To drive the child at play with friends was nearly impossible, and my grandmother did just-fried "no" caught us with friends on the street and stuffed our pockets this yummy."Figoski" my grandmother called just crable)) And "no" they because nothing turns a delicious option for tea.
Buns Kalinka
320 3 - -
Such rolls, produce our local bakery and they is like my family. Empirically with small additions were played these rolls. Unfortunately, due to technical problems in the oven, rosy they did not work, as was reflected in the taste. I offer you my fifties recipe. Air buns with cheese.
Barbecue "Baked chicken"
202 - 45м 4
Skewers of chicken in marinade of melted milk. Fragrant, tender and flavorful!
Cucumber-cream soup with smoked meat
195 5 20м 4
The soup has a delicate flavor and interesting combination products. On the website there are milk soups, but they are different.
Kuurma Choy
185 - 30м -
Hi all. Here and autumn came with its not always pleasant weather surprises. And that would warm up when walking for mushrooms, or after a hard working day we will drink tea. I think a lot will disagree with me )), but it is their right. To drink we will not a simple tea, and tea of the nomads kuorma-Choi. This recipe is from my favorite Kyrgyz dishes. For the European man can be not very usual combination of products, but I think tea must like you. Everything is simple and elementary

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