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Sauce "Satai,"
403 - - -
Tangy and slightly sweet sauce "Satai," with a pronounced nutty flavor. He's good as a dip. But today I use the idea of Jamie Oliver and I use the sauce twice in one dish to create a crust when cooking grilled chicken and for serving meals in tortillas.
Fast pizza with grilled vegetables
358 - 40м 6
Pizza on the wheat tortilla, the type of tortilla is much faster than a traditional pizza, because we don't spend time for preparation of the dough. But it is no less delicious because the main character here are the seasonal vegetables - eggplant and zucchini - marinated and grilled.
300 3 60м 7
A little Mexican food:)
Chicken salad in pita bread
264 - 30м 2
This snack like all the men in our family. The sons are grown and ourselves to cook a meal of delicious chicken in bread crumbs and crispy lettuce and onion.
Arab cakes
249 - - -
Patties stuffed with meat
Burrito with Turkey, beans, vegetables and cheese
233 - - 2
I invite You to enjoy a great burrito! Elegant combination of Turkey, beans, avocado, green beans and cheese... mmm impossible to resist!

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