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What to cook from Horns more

Dinner "Himself a boy"
267 - 40м 1
Wife or girlfriend sitting on a diet. (Woe to us) Come home from work, and just greens. But the refrigerator I hope we are not empty? 30 minutes and we are in happiness. :) (Recipe makes one serving)
Mexican fish soup
189 - - -
One of the favorite soups in our family. Well just had to share. The recipe comes from Portuguese magazine on cooking. Please do not judge strictly.. this is my first published recipe.
Soup with chicken, celery and fennel
165 - - -
Absolutely delicious soup: full-bodied, aromatic, with light acidity and charming, unobtrusive finish of lemon peel. Soup with a stunning spring mood!
Horns stuffed with sauce
145 4 60м 8
Large horns stuffed with meat, covered with creamy tomato sauce Maggi.
Horns nautically liver
143 - 40м 5
We rarely eat liver, preferring it to the meat, but it is very useful and can be no less tasty than a piece of chicken or pork. I suggest You make some pasta with the liver "naval" style with vegetables.
Salad cones
142 3 20м -
Favorite summer salad, good for barbeque.

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