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The season of artichokes, it will last until April, when the buds appear purple flowers, and then the white fluff, because the artichoke is a cultural relative of the wild Thistle. There is a section in cooking ways of cooking this product: boiled served with hollandaise sauce, baked under Bechamel, cut thin slices and fry in deep fat. I took the path of least resistance...
Risotto with artichoke stems
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This risotto I'm cooking the next day after made stuffed artichokes
Artichoke and cooking secrets
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Artichoke: heard it all, spruce - not many, already cooked. If the artichoke is - it should have!!! And cook it is not difficult. This exceptionally useful plant and has long been part of the diet of kings and wealthy people, and were admired by the Roman writers not only as superlative.
Pizza "4 seasons"
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Pizza 4 stagioni Spring, summer, autumn, winter — this beautiful theme called "Nature. Seasons" is devoted to the many works of art. The famous Italian Antonio Vivaldi dedicated to four world-famous concert. What could answer his compatriot Italians today? Of course, pizza...
Artichokes with jamon
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I, of course, like many, prefer the ham in the same form as it is, with a good dry red wine, but it is also very often used in cooking. I suggest one of the recipes that I really like. Artichokes can also be stuffed with shrimp, then fried them in a small amount of cream or dry white wine.
Artichokes stuffed
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I know that in Russia they are not found, but I will put the recipe in the future maybe someone will be useful.

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