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Spanish “Russian” salad
0.6k - 30м 6
Ensalada rusa – Russian salad – can be ordered in virtually any diner in Catalonia. This very popular salad with artichokes, anchovies and olives somehow got the name "Russian". Perhaps someone tried to play our ubiquitous "Olivier" and created this version, which by the way can be a good replacement for this usual Christmas dish. The salad was delicious and versions of it a lot, so let's called Russian.
Blue eggs with artichoke "Metro-boulot rated-dodo"
490 - 40м 1
Once in France, the already discussed monotonous rhythm of life of the Parisians: a morning ride on the subway, all day at work, short night at home and sleep, after which the cycle repeats. French writer Pierre Bearn has given this phenomenon of urban life comprehensive definition of "Metro-boulot rated-dodo" (subway-work-sleep), which instantly became popular. But even in such a daily routine citizens find the time for a measured conversation over dinner, combining the operational issues with the pleasure of gastronomic delights. Today our lunch will be quick, easy to prepare and with a spicy dash of classic French blue cheese.
"Arakas fabulous" with artichoke and chicken
449 - 45м 4
Long ago, when the King of Peas went on a diplomatic mission to Greece, met a beautiful frog. Although many people believe that the frog is ugly, but that the King and especially Peas. And the frog was a Greek woman of Royal blood))) So that he could see the beauty of the frogs, which treated him different overseas dishes. And they lived happily ever after! Secret one dish she handed me. But I'm not 300 years as Tortile...
Salad "Invernal"
406 - 15м 1
This winter salad has a light and bright taste. Undoubtedly useful and simple to prepare. The combination of crunchy fennel, juicy grapefruit and the "heart" of the artichoke creates a unique fresh feeling.
Pizza "4 seasons"
275 - 140м 2
Pizza 4 stagioni Spring, summer, autumn, winter — this beautiful theme called "Nature. Seasons" is devoted to the many works of art. The famous Italian Antonio Vivaldi dedicated to four world-famous concert. What could answer his compatriot Italians today? Of course, pizza...
Artichokes with jamon
272 3 - -
I, of course, like many, prefer the ham in the same form as it is, with a good dry red wine, but it is also very often used in cooking. I suggest one of the recipes that I really like. Artichokes can also be stuffed with shrimp, then fried them in a small amount of cream or dry white wine.

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