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What to cook from Lecho more

Soup "Two cans"
0.6k 3.5 - -
This soup is the champion for ease of preparation and taste!
Fish "Harbour"
420 5 60м 4
In the beginning was the idea to make just the meatballs, but then decided "to dream" delicious "boats" from minced fish, with a side dish of spaghetti...
Pork wassce
369 - - -
I do not know how anyone, but my husband loves grilled meat, but rarely gets it))) Just as holiday meals! Romantic dinner - just the case - I cooked the pork in wassce, with a few additions-changed the third. Dish Hungarian cuisine. The meat is tender and juicy with meat flavor, not clogged with marinade and spices is loved very much. Try? Favorite to share!)))
Steamed vegetables in Bulgarian
359 3 40м 2
Steamed vegetables with Lecho... the competition "Fast from Moulinex".
Salad "Italy"
269 5 - -
Very tasty and satisfying. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Fish with vegetables baked in foil
269 3 60м 4
The fish is very juicy, juice-soaked vegetables. Delicious and fun fish. Dry seasoning for fish gives extra flavour. This dish can be cooked in a microwave oven. Prepared without fat and its own juices, retains nutritional value and all the vitamins.

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