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What to cook from Liver more

Lazy spring rolls
157 - 30м 2
Wanted to post this recipe on the Pillsbury from the fact that everything is ordinary and simple. But each of us has a favorite stuffing in the pancakes. But to dump them. Lovers lazy cuisine, welcome...
Liverwurst home
145 4 - -
I have long promised to put this recipe. Loved in childhood hepatic (liver) sausage. In his first visit to Russia five years ago, we came across a very interesting book. To not be known as a plagiarist, the book is called "Homemade sausages and meats" (helping the farmer). I'm not a farmer, but love the sausage. This, of course, not a recipe liverwurst Soviet sausages, but now such not to find, at us in Latvia at all. However I cook not only from the liver, and offal (heart, lungs, liver, kidneys)... please Try it... Honestly, the whole process takes me all day, but the sausage is worth it...
Pancake casserole with liver and onions
144 - 200м 6
I offer very delicate and delicious pudding pancakes with liver stuffing and caramelized onions. This dish is perfect for family dinner or lunch or to serve to guests. A wonderful combination of juicy toppings and a slightly crunchy, sweet onions.
Pies my father-in-law
137 3 - -
My father in law loves to cook. Today he prepared pies stuffed with beans and liver, which he invented.
Open pie with liver and cabbage
122 - - 4
Anyone who likes the open tarts, we recommend you to prepare. The filling can be any.
Pies with liver
116 4 - -
Delicious, fluffy cakes

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