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Cocktail "Monaco"
0.6k - 5м 1
And here is my hundredth recipe on the website! I want to mark the occasion a light and refreshing cocktail "Monaco" on the basis of beer, which is very popular in France, Switzerland and Belgium. I recommend on a hot day!
Cupcakes "Chav-Chav"
375 3.7 - -
When you bake these cupcakes, the other sound can't hear only the "Chav-Chav"!!:-)
SHAWARMA-style fyuzhn
275 3.7 10м 4
Where are we going? what to eat? so I gave in, but something you want to eat...
Cocktail "Whiskey Cola"
270 5 5м 1
Mmmm... I just love it!
205 4 60м -
Mediterranean sangria is a very popular drink all over the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coast, so it's difficult to relate it to some sort of one kitchen. Today I want to give the recipe for red sangria (red wine). This drink is very good thirst quencher on hot summer days and is usually served with dishes of grilled meat or fish.
"Panache" or "Radler"
204 - 3м 1
On the street summer, heat, season of vacations, barbecue and soft drinks. "Panache" (or "Radler") is one of the most simple and delicious low alcohol cocktails.

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