What to cook from Lemonade more

Cocktail "Monaco"
1.2k - 5м 1
And here is my hundredth recipe on the website! I want to mark the occasion a light and refreshing cocktail "Monaco" on the basis of beer, which is very popular in France, Switzerland and Belgium. I recommend on a hot day!
Cupcakes "Chav-Chav"
0.8k 3.7 - -
When you bake these cupcakes, the other sound can't hear only the "Chav-Chav"!!:-)
Cocktail "Whiskey Cola"
0.6k 5 5м 1
Mmmm... I just love it!
SHAWARMA-style fyuzhn
0.6k 3.7 10м 4
Where are we going? what to eat? so I gave in, but something you want to eat...
"Panache" or "Radler"
0.5k - 3м 1
On the street summer, heat, season of vacations, barbecue and soft drinks. "Panache" (or "Radler") is one of the most simple and delicious low alcohol cocktails.
Cocktail "Fall colors"
492 - - -
A very simple cocktail, but the taste of the liqueur which combines the taste of orange and lime, as well as the taste of the lemonade, gives it a unique citrus note. For a bar "Virtual drink"

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