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Candied Aronia (chokeberry)
0.7k 5 - -
Chokeberry our family is very respected. Cook the jam, freeze, make a tincture. But most of all enjoy the tasty, healthy candied Aronia berries, which are coming in pastries and fragrant teas (most importantly, take up little space for storage)
Wine from black chokeberry
307 3 40м -
Soon the summer is here when can we use this recipe.
The juice from chernoplodku
278 - - -
Very tasty! As will soon leave for the summer with the baby in the cottage, would like to share with you a recipe given to me by a neighbor at the cottage, Konkova N.
Oatmeal pie-Changeling "Aaron"
244 - 40м -
Delicious pie with a useful filling of chokeberry. Oatmeal in the dough gives a nutty taste, and Aronia well behaved in baking: maintains shape, gives a little juice, has a delicate taste. I advise you to try!
Liqueur chernoplodku
238 - - -
This year, the first time I tried to make liqueur from Aronia. We have a lot and it is very useful berry, and do it with only juice and jam... . Here, now I'm liquor (though probably it's more correct to call it a tincture or infusion) to do. Very pleasant to the taste - not sugary, moderately sweet, moderately astringent taste with chernoplodku.
Liquor home
200 4 - -
A recipe from the distant Soviet past, when "out of nothing" woman tried to make a highlight. Options similar liqueur set. Give those that stuck with us.

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