Mint syrup

What to cook from Mint syrup more

Milkshake "Breakfast at Tiffany's"
0.9k - 5м 2
Such a beautiful, refreshing and delicious milkshake up better than any coffee!
Morning tea / medical
206 5 1м 1
If no appetite, and the energy needed. And hangover helps.
Pistachio-mint sauce for pancakes
156 - 30м -
Frankly - I do my head is spinning the idea to create a pistachio sauce. On the Internet I have come across only butter-pistachio or pistachio custard cream. So I decided - was-not was, will make that experience a little bit. Turned out very tender, the sauce is light green in color with an elegant hint of mint and the unique flavor of these southern nuts!
Mint-coconut cupcake
151 - 60м 8
Incredibly delicate cupcake. Such "Mint cloud". Now solved: I have a house should always be good mint syrup, to the desire to cook this gorgeous dessert. I loved it at first bite!!!
Non-alcoholic Mojito
148 - 5м 1
Summer, refreshing, cold mojitos
Bread kvass
146 - - 6
In those families where the bread they bake themselves, is, so to speak, domesticated branded prescription. So in our family, though I only bake in the bread maker, but this is the most favorite, its more of me just ask. The ingredients listed on buhanku in 750g.

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