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What to cook from Lychee more

Salad with lychee "Peplum"
157 - 20м 5
Moderately simple and interesting salad. Adding litchi adds an unexpected touch of tart sweetness that blends in well with the familiar taste of chicken and cheese. In the end, a curious palette of flavors from the familiar and not so products.
Jam lychee
146 - 240м 20
Unusual, but super tasty jam lychee. The hand does not rise to write - in African cuisine because the local population does not even know what lychee is possible to make jam, write that it is Russian cuisine wrong. Let it be African cuisine in the Russian version. I understand that not everyone can make this wonderful jam and many of those who tried lychee will say that it is tastier / easier / more interesting, etc. to eat lychee in its natural form. For me, in this case the question was not only enough to eat litchi, but also to stock up for the future. Especially now in Russia are imported litchi, and now we are Russians everywhere. So good luck with my recipe.
Cupcakes with lychee and rose water
127 - - -
Fragrant, delicate cupcakes, simple to prepare. but will be a real decoration of the table.
Festive salad with lychee
113 - - -
Invented by me spontaneously a few years ago on Khoi-from birthdays. Recommend for those who like the combination of meat+fruit! Since then occasionally do, even in field conditions, when celebrated birthday in the mountains with champagne.
Dessert-jelly "For favorite"
108 - - -
This is my first recipe on a cooking site "cook". I checked recently, I was attracted by a huge number of recipes. Hope and my have place. And so, I offer you a recipe very useful dessert with Chinese plum - lychee.

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